New Teacher Survival Central

 Have you heard? Discovery Education has created the best new teacher resources on the web: New Teacher Survival Central. You’ll find FREE professional development videos, time-saving tips, classroom tools and practical support all new teachers need.
They have great partners for educators that want to celebrate new teachers too.
> As a new teacher, Walden’s online education programs can provide you with a competitive advantage in the classroom.
> Make it interesting! Integrate technology into your classroom with mimio.
> Easily combine photos and videos in entertaining ways with Adobe.

New Teacher Survival Central awards new teachers with engaging, uplifting and exciting resources. Win software, creativity supplies and cutting-edge tech tools! Refer the grand prize winner and you win too! If you refer the grand prize-winning new teacher, there will be a grand prize waiting for you too!  Visit now, register to win and remind all the teachers in your school to enter weekly.  Check out this week’s prizes!